white first communion outfits for flower girl


I've been banned for a week. Let's catch up the world of facebook on what's happened since I was gone.

So, Sunday and Monday I got a bunch of pics back from the event. Car ran amazing. Didn't overheat, blow up, catch on fire, or anything. Worked 10/10 as it should, and I slowly learned how to drift a car with actual power.


Monday I helped Corey Lyerly sell his car. Then, Monday night I got a call from my now ex girlfriend saying that distance was effecting our relationship and how she didn't know if she was ok with being in a relationship at this point in her life. Left auburn at 1 am AL time, got to UGA at 4:30 GA time. Stayed up and talked, went to sleep, woke up after she got back from class and got dumped. Came back to bama, missed classes all day, and got to reflect on that. Wednesday and Thursday was preparing for the first big presentation I had for school. Boring stuff. white first communion outfits for flower girl

Friday was wild. Woke up. Did a big presentation for school, got in moms car and dipped out for the Lanier Drift&Grip event. Took a bunch of pics and saw all my friends from GA.

Which now I have to thank Hunter Robertson , Madeline Robertson , and Brandon Dague for letting me stay with them for 2 nights. Forza 4, skipbo, thrift stores, alcoholic ice cream, and beer really made this weekend awesome. Matthew Stephen Brueck and Caley Nicole Stokes are literally the best for hanging out with all of us. I miss you guys. Y'all are the reason I even enjoy getting out and drifting. The people I've met through car activities are great. Literally irreplaceable. I can't wait for the next event just to hang out with all my pals and gals.

Also thanks Sloan Spivey for the corona.

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