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To all the experienced mommys out there, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and this morning I had about 3 sharp shooting pains in my cervix, and breasts are tender, also feel like my little one has balled up on top of my stomach, and I feel bloated and have pain in my stomach, solar plex and the middle of my back, almost like a contracting type of pain but more tightness, and it hurts when I take a deep breath, I am not sure if this could be from sitting for long periods and putting pressure on my stomach, I have tried laying down on my right side which seems to alleviate the pain till I sit up again. I just want to know if these are common symptoms or if I should be planning to go into labor sooner than expected. I am still working and wondering if pushing it till end of this month is still a good idea. wedding party bridesmaid collections in dusty rose