vintage bohemian wedding dresses

I have given David's Bridal a lot of business throughout the years and have usually been very satisfied with my experience. I have gotten multiple special occasion dresses there and they have always been accommodating with my body type needs (Chest and height), so of course I went there when it was time to find my wedding dress. Well now with my wedding only TWO WEEKS away, I bring my dress to my amazing seamstress and find out that my reception dress is DESTROYED from Davids Bridal shipping it to me. When I call my nearest Davids Bridal, I am transferred to customer care. Of course, it wasn't the correct department in customer care so I am transferred again and again. Over three hours on the phone and I'm told I can't return the dress because it is damaged yet it is their company that has damaged it! So I have been given to choice to either wear a destroyed dress on my wedding day or spend even more money on a new dress that may or may not be in before my wedding with very little or no time to alter it. Words cannot express my disappointment adequately. vintage bohemian wedding dresses