v neck outfits for prom party

A night at the hospital with Miss Mia. Poor love got knocked around so bad. She broke out in a terrible rash. High fever. Very poorly. We had to call an ambulance. They had to stop the ambulance on route to hospital to administer the medication for meningococcal. Yes, that's the rash she had. 9/10 times though this rash is not the deathly disease, and I knew that, but to see it is to freak the bleep out. If you've read my Thirty Days Triology, then you'll know in the last bo v neck outfits for prom party ... ok, in the acknowledgements, I write about my bestfriend Julie who passed away from this terrible illness. You will know I wrote this trilogy for her with the message of what her death taught me about living, not what her death was. I think I lost 10 years off my life tonight from fear. I stayed calm for Mia on the outside, but on the inside I was truly frantic. The good news is Mia is going to be okay. It's nothing more than a terrible virus and we're going home soon.

I will be unavailable today. I'm sorry, but I'm mum first. I will draw the 20 paperback book giveaway the moment I can.

Thank you for being understanding.

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