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In class
Teacher:Class,Let us show the Principal and our Guests how much we have learnt so far this year.Let's do Comparisons....When I say "Small" you go Like:Small,smaller,smallest,Right? super plus size wedding dresses
Let's start with Big..! ...
Teacher:(beaming wide) Very Good!
Class:Very Good,very gooder,very goodest!
Teacher:Stop it now!!
Class:Stop it now,stop it Nower,Stop it Nowest!
Teacher:Oh Please!
Class:Oh please,Oh pleaser,Oh pleasest
Teacher:Look at Me!
Class:Look at me,look at me-er,look at me-est
Teacher:(becoming angry) Voetsek!
Teacher:Go to Hell
Class:Go to Hell,Go to Heller,Go to Hellest!
Teacher:Oh my Jehova!
Class:Oh my Jehova,Oh my Jehover,Oh my Jehovest!

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