small sized girl wearing for party

Can i have a pp please.
So i had the implant in since july 16 and bleeding was horrible with small blood clots, lasting 2weeks, the full month ect with pains what feels like labour pains when was on, 2 weeks ago had a big blood clot, picture in comments, and then had the implant removed, i was on my period (very heavy, like a dripping tap) 23days and had the big blood clot on the 20th day, had the implant removed 3days after my period had stopped, (5days ago) and today not on period but had the pain, like labour pain, u have an epidural before pain gets that bad! Has anyone experienced this before or anything like it? Had smere n cheaked for infections n all that, all clear. Im seeing specialist soon, waiting for an appointment. Im abit scared coz i no its not normal small sized girl wearing for party :-/ thanks for reading n any advice

Picture in the comments