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Mathematics of the Saiva Sidaanandam - bows down to Nagan Srinivasan for such a pragmatic thesis.

Senthilkumar Duraisamy check this.

Saiva Sidaananadam teaches the science of the Soul in the Environment of Maya and God. When we talk about Science then it complies to Mathematics. I am offering a mathematical model for the Science of the Soul using the principles of Saiva Sidaanandam herein. This is just an introduction and it would be expanded later with my more of my write ups to my reader and friends who following this interesting and the most important subject matter.

As we discussed before we have three variables

1. God = x,
2. Soul = y
3. Maya = z
4. Residual of Karma = Constant. (D)

When a Soul takes a birth on the earth everything is time variant. Hence the X, Y, and Z are time variant or variable in a dynamic equation of motion of life.

The Equation of Motion is defined as

A. x(t) + B. y(t) + C. z(t) = D

Where A, B, C and D are constants and x, y and z are variables to time. This is a simple linear equation with no complexity with three variables and four constants.

A is the quality of the God which is constant

B is the quality of the Soul which is constant

C is the Quality of the Maya limited to the access of the Soul in that birth which is also a constant.

D is the residual of the Karma that the Soul performed and then leaves on the system. A dot is the simple scalar dot product

When this equitation is solved when the D is equal to zero then there is no rebirth. Remember that again this is the dynamic equation that D might change in every time step.

The most importantly the C is the level of attachment that the Souls hold on the earth at each time step. At the time of death the C= Zero (null) for sure. Also at the time of birth the C= Zero again.

The coefficient B defines the degree of the Self of the person that was created by the System. Which is also Zero at the time of birth and at the time of death.

Finally the residual D at the time of the death decides the rebirth.

Say one wants to see how much the God grace is available at a given time (t), in the life of the Soul on the Earth
x(t) = [ D - B. y(t) - C. z(t) ] / A

Please note that the quality of the God A is infinitely very large. Hence the x(t) the God grace available in this equation is negligibly small. It means the God grace is not available predominantly and automatically unless demanded by prayer.

D has the Sanchitha Karma at the time of birth. Then the Proptha Karma fraction from that. At the time of death the executed Karma being added and or subtracted from the Sanchitha Karma which is dependent on case to case specific.

One might try to resolve the D to bring to zero before death for attainment.

Assume a Saint is born and that he is realized then he detaches from the Maya. In that case the above equation reduces by making the C = 0. This is because the Soul gives up the attachment.

Then the equation becomes x(t) = [ D - B. y(t) ] / A

Please note that from the above equation, the Saint is still performing the Karma without attachment. Example is Saint Gnaana Sambandar that he performed lot of miracles and then also gave over 5000 hymns in his sacred book.

"A" is infinite that is the God's quality. In order to get God's grace x(t) = 1 , then the above equation is solved with the following results.

[ D - B. y(t) ] = 0

Hence the Sanchitna Karma, the Praptha Karma and the actually Executed Karma, in the birth at the time of death, the Vector sum should be zero. This is what the above equation resulted in.

Sani Appar, Saint Gnaana Sambandar worked very hard to reach that with by giving close to 9000 hymns and by visiting over 290 temple. They resolved the residual Karma by doing miracles and then attained with null Karma balance on their pocket.

A. x(t) + B. y(t) + C. z(t) = D this equation is dynamic and time variant with variable. The God grace and the Soul access to the Maya and the Self are changing in each time step.


Nagan Srinivasan

Rashmi Rash - please take a note of this...will help you a lot in re-research of roots in genomics and genetyping.


Saiva Sidaanandam Cont.

When I am writing about this subject matter, I keep the God, Souls and the Rest Named Maya as common. They are religious independent. That means I am not referring to any particular religion and or faith. It is scientific and I use system identification method to analyze and solve this problem. I try use mathematical model for this too. Many read my writings but a few dare to comment. Rest of them are shy to to comment about my write ups. it is good to read these many times and then come up with your realization. As I said Maya is easy to access, analyze and use. However when Maya becomes subjective with no intelligent then we are looking for a false relationship with the Maya. God is not like that. God is the only and fully intelligent. Relationship with God is not that easy. One has to have good heart to house Him. simple Sheath wedding apparels look straight

There are science of God that I am exploring now. It is a hard subject. How to please God and get His friendship are technologies only a few have explored.
Many religion had classed God. More predominantly the Hinduism classed God in excess. This is feasible because the God marry to the Maya. Now the part of the Maya try to acts like the Souls as the Demi Gods.

Hence too many Gods and Goddess are seen in the Hinduism. Saint Gnaanasambandar offered typically 10 hymn. He tried to unite all the temple Gods into one reference to the Ultimate God.

God accepts all religions and all faiths. Hence one needs to be careful when criticize any religion. In my view the religion is man made and the God is still away from the religion.

Say for an example Devi Sri Meenakshi Devi is the Goddess. The God Sundereshwar marry to the Goddess Sri Meenakshi. Hence the Goddess Sri Meenakshi gets the power to grace devotees of Her. Gut She could finally only guide the devotee to the God only.

The fundamental classification of the God and is commonly know are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. That classification made two major sectors in the Hinduism as Saivism and Vaishnavism. Then these two groups started justifying who is big, Either Lord Siva and or Lord Vishnu and or Both. Puranas and Ithikaasa again makes the human to believe that one is superior to other. We have so many stories to trust in. Finally we made God as the Human.

Hence our understandings also like that. I met one medical doctor Indian who worked in Houston and retired now. He said he cannot believe in the God who does not have a human form. Our children and the generation after generation and the faith are in the same manner what the parents taught to the children and what the story books scripts are. Finally we last the real God in this drama.
Classification of the God should be properly understood and then followed.



Si Va Ya Na Ma