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This is a sad world we are living in today, and our ancestors like Dr. King would be ashamed of our actions. Instead of coming together in unity like that day on the footsteps of the Lincoln Memorial, we have become more divided than we have been in a long long time. short white lace wedding dress

Do things need to change in this country? Yes!

Are blacks wrongfully profiled by officers and others in this country? Absolutely!


But one thing we must keep in mind as well is that police officers have one of the rare jobs in which they put their lives on the line each and every day they punch in, and take the risk of not going home to their family that night.

We need to come together for a change, and allowing more destruction and violence is not effectively getting that message across, and is further crippling the already existing profiling that is going on in this country.

Let's stop the black / white bullshit, and let's come together as one united nation to make a change! Stop letting the media fuel this hatred by cherrypicking topics that will get a good read and debate going, and voice your frustration against them!

Love one another for the person they are and not the color of their skin!

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