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Episode 26
Cassandra’s POV
As I was driving down towards the place, my phone rang and I took it. “Hello Sandra”john said on phone. “Hello. Is anything the problem?”I asked. “Please come back to my place. I just have one thing to ask you. I can’t say it on phone. I need to ask from you right now. Please we need to see”he said sounding desperate. “I’ll come back to you later when am back. I need to get to somewhere right now. I can’t see you until am back. I’ll be back by 5:pm, you just have to wait till then”I said. “I can’t just keep this in mind till then. We need to see face to face on this issue. Can’t you even do that for me?”he asked. “Am so sorry. The place am heading to is so important. Please pardon me”I replied and hung up.
I have not let them know about Stella. I still kept that a secret because of her safety. I continue driving but thought of what he want to ask me, to make him this serious about it. I thought for a while wondering whats going on with him. “Oh God! I already told them am on my way. Should I go back again?”I said feeling bad. I got to a junction and made a Uturn back heading to his place.
Stephen’s POV
When she got to a junction and made a Uturn heading back home, I thought of what she was doing. “Why is this girl driving like this? Is she just driving and turning for fun? Was it because of the news I broke to her?”I thought to myself. My phone rang and I took it. They called because of an urgent meeting. I told them am on my way and quickly turned the opposite way she took and headed to the meeting I was called for.
John’s POV
I and Stella were in the living room. When Sandra told me she’s not coming, I kept pondering over the matter. Few minutes later, she had arrived. She walked towards us and I quickly met at before she could get to us. “What’s so serious you want to ask that makes you call me back here?”she asked looking at me.
“Please you need to tell me the truth. We can’t keep things for each other anymore right?” I asked looking at her. “Yes. I know that”she replied looking at me. “Was Stephen the one behind my mum’s death?”I asked her straight. She was silent for a while and that got me feeling more impatient. “Answer me!”I shouted holding her shoulders.
“Stephen was not the one that really killed your mum”she replied looking at me. “Then who? Who did it?”I asked waiting for her to talk.
Debbie’s POV
Today is my friend memorial day. I dressed in black outfit and was holding some flowers in my hand. I looked at her grave and saw many kind of flowers. Seems like her family just left. I dropped mine on her grave also and did the normal ritual while kneeling on the ground. I stood up still looking down at her grave. “We promised to fight for each other. We promised to to die for each other right?. And now I promise to punish all who are behind your death and bring them all to shame”I said looking at the grave.
After I left her graveyard, I headed to Stephen’s house because he told me he’s home a while ago. And I also have a lot to ask him. And the reason why he didn’t attend Stella’s memorial when I got to his place, I packed my car at the garage and walked towards his building. I got to the door and unlocked it because I know his password. When I got in, I didn’t meet anyone inside. So I guess he would be inside his room. I tried opening his door but it was locked with password. I guess he’s not home. I thought to myself and was about leaving. When i got to the living room, I stopped and wondered why he even locked his room with password. Definitely there’s something suspicious in his room. I went to the window to check the environment. When I saw no one was there, I went back to his door. I tried the pin he used for his main door but it was not working. So I tried another one still the same. I thought of what he would have used. Then I used Stella’s birth date. It unlocked and I was surprised he used her birthday for his password. I opened the door slowly and walked in. I looked around his room in amazement. This would be my first time of entering his room. His room looks strange. I saw some pictures on the wall. Some were cross in a red ink. I moved closer to it. And saw Stella’s picture. “My love Stella. Died on 18-5-2015.”this was written in red ink at the bottom of the picture. I ignored that and started checking everywhere maybe I would find any other suspicious stuff. I opened his drawer and checked but can’t find anything. I opened the second one and found something mysterious. Something wrapped in a black napkin. I loosed the napkin and brought out what was inside. “What in the world is this?”I said trembling in fear. It was a sharp pointed dagger and the picture of Stella destroyed with a shark object. I saw a small book under where I took the napkin and brought it out. I opened it and started reading. It looks Like a diary. red flower girl dresses
“I killed Elizabeth because she knows my true identity. I don’t mean to but she vowed to reveal it to the world.”the first page was written like that with the picture of a pretty girl. “Stephen killed someone?”I said covering my mouth in shock. I opened the second page then the third page. I then thought If what am guessing about him killing Stella was right, I would see her here also. I started opening the cover from page to page until I got to Stella’s part. My heart was beating very fast as if it would jump out of my chest. I can’t believe he really killed his ex-grlfriend Stella. When I read the whole content of it, tears were streaming down my cheek while my body was trembling in fear. I brought out my phone and snapped it all. Then forward them to john. I packed everything and put them back in his drawer. Just as I stood up still shaking in fear, I heard the sound of the buttons as if someone is unlocking the door. My eyes were widely opened as I heard the voice if Stephen. I stood still trembling in fear.