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I have seen a LOT of "friends" arguing on Facebook lately. I've seen several posts from people over the last several months regarding "cleaning my friends list out" and "purging people" from friends lists because they disagree with what they read from their friends... To this, I suggest that you STOP your foolishness! A happy life isn't about surrounding yourself with only people that you agree with all the time. A truly happy life consists of being open minded enough to embr ... ace everyone's differences and having the ability to allow people in your life that you may not be identical to. If you lived on an island made of nothing but diamonds, would you truly appreciate the sparkle of one? Embrace your differences. Be accepting of other's opinions as exactly what they are, personal opinions, be willing to be YOURSELF and to allow others to be what they believe in. Appreciate the vast spectrum of color in your life and appreciate that it is there, because if it wasn't life would turn out to be awfully boring. Don't be foolish and purge your friends lists because you don't agree with opinions on a few matters, appreciate that you have a diverse group of friends that may agree with you on some things and challenge you on others. THAT is what makes life robust, interesting, and full. It's time to grow up and learn how to play in the sandbox together. Life is better when you allow diversity in it! red bridesmaid dresses long

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