racer back style wears for a wedding

I started looking into blood types tonight because I've always been told that my blood type, O-, is very rare. Turns out it is rare (6.5% of all people have it) but more importantly, people with O- blood have the lowest chance (7%) of finding a compatible blood donor - yikes! I've donated blood my whole adult life and now I finally know why they always got so excited when I walked through the door. Definitely going to continue donating when I can again. racer back style wears for a wedding

Do you know your blood type? What are you? O- people raise your hands. Apparently we need to stick together as we can only receive blood from one another! Take a look:

Blood Type Chart Knowing your blood type can help you design a lifestyle best suited to your biological needs. This article explains blood typing, transfusion compatibility and the optimal diet for each blood type, and contains helpful blood type charts.m.newhealthguide.org