punk style wears for prom party

Black Wall
(Nightmare I)

Black wall I stand tall.
The Shine too dark, after the world shut down.
No light I see it worst.
She saw me after pray things is over.
Promise of everything you know, I can't.
Somehow, I have to move.
She following my foot step, I say no.
You don't know what going to happen the black wall. punk style wears for prom party
The black wall.
Yeah, I can explain all this.
Nightmare when you have a bad dream.
It never let's go.
I fight my way out, far from the earth.
It spin around of dark angel, with red eyes.
She not going to stopped.
She have dead army on black wall.
Blame itself.
He think the light are brighter.
I be told as self she connect with love.
The black wall my nightmares.
She could burn me, fire fame till I burn.
The sky with blue, that my color I love.
Run your life.
She honestly prom dress.
Stay on black wall, too dark outside where it go.
Road to serious, she say that the world shut down.
Boy I think you knew it, sorry as evil red eye's.
I very don't, of line we stay the black wall.