prom wearing which backtrack to 1920

I hate uOttawa . Let me be clear, when I say this I dont mean their students, or their front line staff that helped me with all this garbage. I mean the institution.

Yesterday I injured myself on my way home from work, I admit that was my fault, however it lead to me having a great deal of trouble walking because my left knee couldn't support my weight.

This put a dent in my evening because I had made plans to have my girlfriend over that night. Good thing I had cleaned before I left for work in the morning right? Except when I got home I discovered my room had been torn apart and left in a state of disarray with large pieces of furniture moved because the university had decided to paint my room. prom wearing which backtrack to 1920

I managed with a great deal of help from my roommate and my girlfriend to move the furniture back to some semblance of where it used to be.

Cut forward to today, after another long day of work, made worse by the fact that I was injured I got home, again sore and tired from the short trek from the bus to my apartment on the uOttawa campus.

When I got in I needed to clean and disinfect my cuts, and replace the bandages. I went to the bathroom and started removing the bandage from my hand, went to go get disinfectant and a new bandage from my room only to find it was locked, by the same painters as yesterday.

So now with a sore knee that couldn't support my weight I had to walk down to student services to get let back into my room. And upon entering it I found it in a worse state than yesterday, all my room had been torn apart and thrown onto my bed, and in the center of the room on the floor (I've included pictures).

Now I don't want to make this post any longer but this isn't the first time uOttawa has pulled something shitty on me. After my first month of paying rent they threatened to kick me out of this same room because they had lost my subletting papers.

All I can say is I will never be returning to live on their campus even if is my only option. And I hope my story can save you from potentially giving them your business, either as a student, or as a subletter like me.

These problems that keep occurring are unnecessary and seriously an issue.

That's why I hate uOttawa.