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Few things seem to maintain their full stature even when in the farthest reaches of our life's rearview mirror. For me 'The Hollywood Party' at Probe was one of those. I know at least a few other people who are still with us, were there that night, so I ask & encourage each of you to please recall & add your own experiences, names of note, etc. of that night. It's been so many decades that I'm losing names AND faces in my own memory! I'm down to Richard Cendejas (who I was there with), Bob Dagget, Steven Isaacs, and Carlos (Carlotta), Randy Sills & prom dresses 2019 cheap Leo Pennock . Possible others attendees might've included a certain WeHo bar owner & Ray Paladen Chatters , Robb Cooper , perhaps Joel Thames , or even John R Coletti . I am tagging you friends in case -and apologize for not asking before tagging!