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Bacterial vaginosis

This is the commonest cause of abnormal vaginal discharge in adult women. It may or may not be sexually transmitted. It can be triggered by mensturation and resolve midcycle.

It is a bacteria called an anaerobe which overwhelms the naturally occuring bacterial flora, lactobacilli, which live in the vagina, which causes an offensive smelly discharge, yellow or white color, which often worsens after sexually intercourse.


The diagnosis can be made clinically, or with vaginal cultures. Fortunately while it is an offensive discharge it does not lead to other serious complications like infertility; however, in pregnancy it can cause miscarriage. It can cause inflammation of the vagina, vaginitis. pregnancy wedding dresses

Treatment is with antibiotics, and the use of yoghurt orally and vaginally which will restore the vaginal pH which is usually alkali will help to eradicate the condition.

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