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To all the Beautiful Queens and Handsome Kings out there, I say Hello!!! Thank God is Friday!

Men; where are you???

We all talk about love, we fancy it, even by lyricing the word from our sweet mouth.... love is something we admire a lot.... but when it comes to that special and Gorgeous Lady you admire from afar... what is the first thing that beep thru ur mind??? I know it, and I will tell you... Wow! Wish I had a chance to convince her to be mine. I really like her and wish to..... hmmmm

Okay::: that blazing hot beautiful angel..... do you know what it takes to make her Love you???

Am sure u wanna know....

Read below.......
Is not jut only Love, not just to tell her I love you... I will do this....i will do that.. Come on Handsome, you spoiling the show....
She wants something real not just fading words..

Show Her::: How??? Action!!!!


Women are greatly moved by words but loving a woman is more of a thing of action if men really understands it. Your carefully selected and beautiful words can earn you the heart of a woman but it takes beyond your words to make her stay! We know men can do many things and in fact almost anything when it comes to loving a woman but in my own opinion, I don't think it's necessary to keep telling a woman "you will do this or will do that for her." Don't tell a woman "I will buy you this or I will buy you that" but tell her, "I want to buy you this or that" only when it is ready to manifest. Your words should be ripe before you give them out. not expensive prom formal gowns below 100
You should have what is takes to fulfill certain words before spilling them out because words have limits.

Trying to mastermind actions may seem bleak at first but you should really do more of actions because actions will do what words cannot do.

Women love words but they only want to hear them when they need them. Yes, in the right mood.. you can't just say it anytime u like.. u have to be watchful of her Vibe...
If you said words and give them to a woman, but never got to fulfill them, it becomes nothing but "total madness!"

You can't give a woman words when she needs money for her upkeep, no its not going to work that way! ( Words don't work when money is what she needs)

You don't keep giving a woman money when she needs something peculiar. (Money isn't the answer to everything)

Hence you should know when to use words and when to apply actions to save your relationship from tantrums and mockery because the more you disappoint a woman, the more disappointment she propels for you.

In essence and in reality, the more of good and positive actions you take in fulfilling your words to a woman, the more of her attention that you get; the more respect that you earn yourself and the more believe and trust that you groom deeply in her heart for you. The more you keep your words, the more a woman loves you. (are u surprised)

Even so, the more of your words that you fail to a woman, the lesser the regard she has for you; the more of your weaknesses and bad sides that you reveal to her which conceive nothing but a burning hatred and diminishing love in your relationship.

Know when to use words! Sometimes words are only needed when the limelight for action is not set! You can't be telling your new wife everytime on a bed how good you are in kissing and in love making when the lights are on; the camera are set and action can possibly take place! You can't keep up trying to make a woman love you by smooth sayings when there are better ways to prove it everyday!

Let her feel your Action......

Feel free to ask Questions......