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Thanks for sharing Marge

My husband and I have been using Soul--1 pack per day for just over a month. I had suffered with sciatica last year for 9 months. Physical therapy was the answer for me and the exercises have almost completely eliminated it, plus healing from the Lord. However, I still had pain in one leg at nite and difficulty sleeping on that affected side. My pain is now gone. It was gradual and I didn't even realize it at first til hubby noticed I was sleeping facing him, hadn't done that in a long time. It is so nice to be able to turn over in bed and not have to think of how to do it so it doesn't hurt so much. Another thing I've noticed is more energy. long sleeve prom dresses 2019
My husband is on BP and diabetes meds. So far his blood sugar has not changed, but his blood pressure is down about 10 points. Progress is being made.
We are thankful for this little packet of super nutrients. We are looking forward to no meds for him and so happy with the success so far. Will keep you posted on the progress.