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First, It was an honor and a privilege to be part of this team. Every season has it's flavor and for the 13 seasons I have been a TNT'er, this was one for the good side!

I loved seeing newbies and alums grow just as I grow. I love baffling coaches as well as making them smile when we shine (and yes coach Ajax... I cant kick in the pool... Just like when I was your IronTeam teammate. Coach Jason said I had never met a 100% upper body swimmer til he met me!!!) I loved whe ... n we were pushed and thrown curveballs like the day at Duarte! I loved the picnic after practice cause we got to meet each other.

It was not a perfect season but it worked its magic to the end result... getting us to the finish line. That is always a good thing! 25 smiling faces to the finish is always a good thing!

It always takes a few days to soak it in, get official results, process it and compare what happened. I discovered from the results this... I was not officially last!!! There was this gal who was 20+ minutes behind me. I also found this race had much better prepared triathletes when looking at all times. This is a good thing for the race as well as aiming for next time. lace open back wedding dress

And compared with my last Oly distance race as well as my last Nautica, I was faster in spite of my 15 minutes it took to fix my tire at the beginning of the bike. My swim time was decent and I never stopped to site & my run's average time per mile was better too (gotta love garmin data!!!)! As I stated once... it was a good bad race!

While I did pull out because of fundraising issues... I came back with the help of teammates and fundraised to make it back to train & race with the team. It started with my O2 tank on my back and ended racing without one! It was also one where I didn't have to worry about taking pics! It was a true training season for me.

I am grateful to you all... coaches, captains & teammates. You all pushed me to find my mojo in training and push along.
This season has ended but I will continue on... I will miss you all. I hope we all keep in touch. I know I will be looking forward to season 14 for Lavaman #6 with TNT!

You are now triathletes!!! Revel in that! It is something not everyone can claim! It is a title that oozes accomplishment and dedication. Continue on... be it Sprints, Oly's or going into Half & Iron distances, strive on. Find your niche in the sport and enjoy. If not, keep doing parts of the sports. Make it your lifestyle, maintain your level of fitness.

Your medals are not just fabric, metal and enamel... they are the condensation of months of your sweat, frustration, tears, sports drinks, pain, joy, tech shirts, anger, Go Teams, swearing, lycra, sea salt, snot rockets, team mates, body lube, gels, Icy Hot, chlorine, neoprene and more. It is a season and race in an object you can hold and remember.

"Keep Moving Til U Can't!" GO TEAM!!!

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