items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding

Its after 1 in the morning and im laying here much is going on in my head but the one that is keeping me awake and thinking is that my baby boy will be here so soon. I have exactly 2 weeks until my due date. Im scared to death. What if im not a good mom? What if i fail to give him what he deserves? What if i get post pardum depression and its so hard to take care of him? What if im not prepared enough for this? I love him more than i could ever love anything already and hes not even here yet. I lay here and cry because i want him to love me so much and i want him to have a good life and it scares me to death. Being a parent is something i have always wanted and im so happy it hurts but also so worried. I guess you never stop worrying tho. The thought that makes me smile everyday and thank god for is that im going to be a mom to a precious baby boy. My gift from god. Ryan mommy loves and daddy loves you and cant wait to hold you and kiss you and see your sweet smile. Sorry for the long post...i guess thats what happens at 1 in the morning when you cant sleep. items with detachable pieces to wear of the wedding