garments with black lace for wedding ceremony

On our first night in Key West, we did a ghost tour. The house we rented for our trip is on the left, and the blue house on the right, is the Dean Lopez funeral home. The story goes that the count of the funeral home, fell in love with a Cuban American woman named Elena Milagro. He wanted to marry her, but couldn't due to religious reasons. Elena died of tuberculosis. Saddened he couldn't marry her, the count dug up her corpse, treated the body with chemicals, and silk, and then put the body in a wedding dress. The count kept his bride in his bed for 7 years, before Elenas sister found out. There was a trial, in which he was found innocent. The town gave Elena another funeral, cut the body into separate pieces, so the count could not dig her up again, and placed into secret locations across the island. However, the count gave them a false body, consisted of different body parts, and kept Elena's body in a secret room of his home. He continued to keep Elena's body for many more years to come, until his death. garments with black lace for wedding ceremony