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So, people supplement with Kratom for many reasons. Because it interacts with some of the same receptors as opiates do (coffee works on these same receptors, they're not "bad" receptors) Kratom can help with opiate withdrawl. This amazing woman had already quit doing Heroin but managed to find Kratom toward the end of her withdrawl and it helped. Along with a TON of strength, determination, heart, and truly being done with that life, it helped her to get clean and move on with her life. formal dresses for weddings
Now, she helps others get clean when they are done chasing the high and ready to live a healthy life. She's a beautiful woman and this is her story. And Danny Barbuda shared it!! We're getting the word out. Endless pressure, endlessly applied. We will not give up we will not give in. # wearekratom # iamkratom and most importantly # kratomsaveslives