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Rant and Ramble for the day...I honestly don't understand why people are so into science vs. religion. Aside from science's explicit foundational skepticism, the structure of the scientific community and the religious community as a whole, I feel, is pretty similar.

First of all, the natural sciences are not a holistic humanistic system. Maybe if the hard sciences are taken with all the humanities it can be comparable to holistic religious system. But, y'know as far as I'm aware, religious studies in the context of historical and cultural studies is part of the humanities. I mean I feel as though most people who are anti-religion haven't taken the time to really study the phenomenon with its cultural significance. I mean jeeze man, I haven't heard a decent ethics conversation on the pop media in like forever.

Some people are like well religion doesn't favor skepticism. But then you point to like a bajillion different sects and systems of belief systems that have a wide variety of interpretations about the world. In one theory of creation (or belief system), there may be a decent amount of homogeneity but many religious systems emphasize individualistic self-cultivation. Comparing it with competing theories in science, there are quite a few inconsistencies in scientific theory but scientists just all fall under the umbrella of we don't know. we just review each other and talk about it. The only difference I see is that the metastructure of different sects and religions don't really engage in the same discussion to try to get at a "single truth" like science does. Unified theory of everything...ambitious. flowy Greek style dresses for prom

And some people are like well religion is based on blind faith. But as far as I see, most people who are followers of science are not familiar enough with mathematics or scientific lexicon (which funnily enough is sometimes in greek or latin, not the language of the common people), so everyday "science" believers are exactly that..believers. I don't see how it's much different from specialized studies of ancient theories of creation by clergy. And on a day to day basis, people don't consciously perform experiments or even question the underlying assumptions of their world. Maybe i'm blind, but people mostly seem to function or argue based on the popular social introjection/popular sides rather than actually synthesizing critical points of views.

Oh and the thing that tickles me is too in terms of ancient text is that I mean commonly taught classical physics is like a century old and ...kind of out of date...

Oh man and violence in the name? I mean tons of violence in the name of science and progress. Even today some would argue that we value industry and progress beyond human safety and health. Both directly and indirectly. I mean massive scale cultural war and environmental degradation under a secular state. Some of the most environmentally friendly cultures were animistic.