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Diary of a Retiree: Day 04 (but only up to lunchtime)

This is the mundane, but I feel like writing mundane because there is something secure and reassuring about it. It also leads me to reflect, which is often my purpose. I get there in the end.

It won't always be like this. However, this is how it is tonight.

Well, I woke at 6 to take my sotalol, put the dog out, go to the toilet, put a log on the fire, get the dog back in and go back to bed for an hour or so.
Got up to a fine, mild day of clear transparent blue NE sky. Showered, dressed and went to break my fast. One bowl of porridge and sultanas with a dash of skim milk. One orange. One cup of green tea.
I sat at the window for a while, contemplated the low angle of the light as the sun rose higher in the east and shed ever brightening illumination on the stage set for the play of my day.
Eventually, I rose as well. After teeth and shave, I started packing up for the afternoon return trip to Melbourne. Loaded the car. Included trolley and dolly for helping Michael collect his new sideboard this evening, and for helping to move niece Claire from Armadale to Footscray tomorrow.
Saw neighbour Barry and hailed him so I could swap him back a phone handset for the spare he loaned me last night. I let him know Mary rang and I could get much better quality audio from the newly reconnected landline using his phone.
Said, "Hello" to Erin who was heading over to prepare Doug's flowers at Under The Sun.
Took the opportunity to introduce Sonny to Couta face to face and nose to tail, as opposed to barking at each other across the fences. It's a whole new ball game when you are face to face or nose to tail. Now the bluff and bravado are over it seems they will get on OK. Donald and Kim could have learnt a thing or two there and then.
Returned home to new phone rings. It is mounted vertically on the wall. The ear/mouthpiece has to be held in place using a rubber band. This works OK because you can slide the ear/mouthpiece in and out using the stretch of the rubber band without having to lift the rubber band itself.
With crystal clarity, Mary tells me she will arrive around 1130, in time for lunch, before heading off again to stay with her mum in Wang. The dog and I figure we have time to hook up the trailer, throw / chase a few sticks, before I do a bit more weather shielding for the wood shed. WSW driven rain has been hitting the outer wood pile pretty hard at times.
I'm still deeply into the logistics of this task when Mary arrives. Despite having not seen her for six days, I have to finish before packing up the tools or there will be ply all over the place come the next windy day. Although I admit, I am often compelled to completion without any rational reason.
Mary entertains dog with ball and racquet while I complete the task. Much to his great delight.
Finally, I head inside for lunch. One vegemite and two cheese and salad rolls washed down with water and a sliced apple chaser. What more does one need?
Mary shows me the impressive basket she has made at the weaver's workshop she attended last weekend. It looks great and feels very robust. The various fibres give it really interesting textures and a rustic, handicraft aesthetic. It is a lovely first effort. I am looking forward to seeing how the weaving develops as she becomes more skilled.
We discuss the previous day's visit from Brad of the Strathbogie Solar Bulk Buy. His recommendations for our needs appear sound and we like the Bulk Buy concept (along with its free solar powering of a local community building once 50kw have been installed).
The time comes for us to part company again. Strange to suddenly be gifted what was previously work time for our own use, and then be spending it apart. However, I think the trusting independence and interdependence aspects of our relationship have always been its strengths. I am encouraged by such early signs that this will continue despite our radically changed circumstances. fitted lace wedding dress
With this thought in mind a fond adieu.