fine wedding garments with lace sleeves

I have been getting a lot of questions on the topic of holiness standard/guidelines. I'm going to tell you what I follow daily. Before I say this let me be very clear, this is not necessary for everyone to this extent, these are just my convictions. Also, if you are looking at this post for guidance do not. Ask your pastor. Let me be clear on one other thing, some of these are not necessary. fine wedding garments with lace sleeves
I'm just doing "dress code" your way of life is more important than your dress. Dress is important, but if you don't show Jesus in your attitude your appearance is void.
If you agree feel free to share.

Shirts -
- selves passed my elbow.
- Not tight fitting.
- No peek-a-boo shoulder. If there is one I wear a short sleeve shirt under it.
- Not see through anywhere.
- If I raise my hands and I see my stomach I put a shirt under it, or take it off.
- Not low cut. This can easily be fixed with a layering top.

Skirts -
- I prefer just a little higher than my ankle, but absolutely MUST have my knees covered when I raise my hands
- I will not wear tight citing skirts at all. If I do, I will leave a short loose dress or tunic over it. The dress or tunic must be at least to the middle of my thigh if the skirt is figure fitting. I really love this look :)

Dresses -
- I do not mind empire waist dresses.
- no figure fitting dresses, such as mermaid style. Period.
- length is the same as skirts.
- sleeves the same as shirts.
- Not low cut

Hair - someone is going to unfriend me on this one lol...
- I DO NOT CUT OR TRIM MY HAIR. Personally I do not believe trimming your hair is a sin, but as women we should have long hair. How long is up to your pastor. It is our glory, and our covering. If you as a woman pray with your head uncovered, you dishonor your head. Yes that is Biblical. New Testament, so yes it applies to us.
- yes I believe messy buns are fine, but if we spend 4 hours on our hair every morning, that is vanity.
- I wear hair flowers, barrettes, head bands, and broaches.
- I do not braid my hair.
- I do you curl my hair, not often. I do straighten my hair, not often. My hair is almost always up in a bun.
- I very recently found a scripture not to paint your hair. So I do not dye my hair. To answer your question, yes prior to finding this scripture, I did die my hair.

Make up -
- I do not wear it. Period.

Bling and Jewelry - ohhhh here we go...
- Yes there is some bling on my clothes.
- Yes, I wear bling broaches, and flower broaches.
- I do not wear jewelry. Personally I believe a special generational price is fine. I do not believe it is a sin or vain. I will wear a wedding band and engagement righ when and if the time comes.

Shoes - seriously? If a man lusts after a woman that wears opened toed shoes, it does not matter what you wear... He will lust after you.
- I do wear sandals, yes I wear opened toed shoes to church. Not on the platform, but yes to church. There are absolutely no biblical scriptures for women not to wear open toed shoes. I know the Bible says we should not do things that would cause her brother or sister to sin, but seriously???Toes??? Uhhhhhg.....

If you want the list of scripture that I have to back up all of this, message me for comment. Some of this is not biblical, it is just my personal convictions.

I have them working on this post for a while, and have been wanting to post this for a long time, I just wanted to get on my scripture together first. Currently I'm working on the whole Bible study just working on this.