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Amongst Musicians Most Miserable
A well known musician was called upon to perform in a final burial ceremony taking place on a school pitch. For about a year or thereabout he has not performed due to poor economy of his country. He carried all his musical equipments there including his box speakers. After much stress, his engineers were able to arrange and perfect the settings of those equipments. When the leader of that musical band arrived on the stage, lots of people who haven't seen him performed for a whole year, were eagerly waiting for him to start performing. He was nicely dressed and as he mounted the stage to kick off, something happened.
The drummers started drumming and all his boys were on stage. As this musician started singing, mouse ran out of his speakers and ladies that were dancing started screaming. It wasn't funny at all. It was a big disgrace.
You may not understand this. The same thing could happen to a christian who backslides. If you are not a performing Christian and you drop your Bible for a very long time. You no longer read the Bible constantly. You forsake God and forsake his words. Cockroaches will start living in your Bible. This indicates that demons have started living inside you. Gradually, you will forget all about Holiness. You will start to listen to the types of music that you hated before. You may still think that your spiritual equipments are still sound. Until you degenerate and start womanizing. You will returned to places you preached against. Beer parlours will replace your house caring fellowship. Towns meetings will be your Sunday evening Revival services. Before you know it, you had impregnated one lady and now you will be seeking for abortions. Your quiet time will be devoted for masturbations and while others are going to church, you will be designing mischievous things that I cannot mention here. But all these did not happen to you when you were wholeheartedly following the Lord. You have stopped performing Christianity on a daily basics. Listen to what the Lord said.
Luke 9:23 KJV
And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.
If that musician was performing daily, will mouse make his speakers their homes? No! If you are daily following the Lord, reading the Bible, meditating on God's words, no demon will come into your heart and head to make it its home. No demon will be dictating to you to go and steal. No demon will be commanding you to go and commit fornication. No demon will dare come into your heart that is the temple of God, that you have dedicated to the Lord. No demon will make you fornicate or commit adultery that may lead you to having an unwanted pregnancy talkeless or contemplating on committing abortion. No demon will tell you to masturbate. If you are reading your Bible daily, cockroaches will not make your Bible their hiding place and homes.
You need to see on Sundays how people nice up to churches. Look away from their dresses and suits, look at their Bibles. Some of them are with Bibles that starts from Leviticus and ends at Hebrews. But they are wearing expensive suits and dresses. With what they are wearing, when it is time to listen to sermons or messages, you will see them removing the Gideon New Testament Small Bible with Psalms from their big bags. You will begin to wonder if such a person that is financially matured as to buy a car of N2.4m cannot buy a Bible of N15,000 naira. He can buy it but the Bible means nothing to him. He or she is financially balanced but spiritually mouses are living in his head. A typical example of such categories of people are the people that when their mates are running to churches to learn more about God, you will see them running into pool houses. They want to kill Baba Ijebu. You will see them running into hotels to sleep with commercial sex workers. You will see them using dubious ways to acquire wealth.They have completely forgotten the scriptures that says it is the blessings of God that maketh rich and added no sorrow to it. If the devil makes you rich? Be prepared to see sorrow on earth here and in hell when you are dead. empire waist wedding dress
The Lord Jesus is expectingly us to have a change of heart and attitudes to the things of God. We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart. The Lord first Loved us by giving His life for our sins. He later laid down his Life for us. He died that we might live. He was crucified for our sakes. We are to remain faithful to him to the end. We are to show him that we are grateful that he bore all our sins on Calvary hanging there on a cross condemned for a sin he never committed and yet still praying that The Father Should Forgive Us For We Knew Not What We Did.
The King of kings and the commandant of the heavenly Host. We nailed Him and spat on His face. We bruised him and crowned him with thorns. We despised him and when he was thirsty we gave him bitter phenegar not minding that He turned ordinary water to wine for us to cover our shame at a wedding ceremony. When we were hungry, he fed five thousand of us so that we do not faint as we walk back home. He went about doing us good but we went about seeking how to completely destroy him. We prefered an armed robber to Him and with a loud voice we shouted CRUCIFY HIM. He bled and died. Peter, representing us, denied him thrice. He bled and died. When God raised him from the dead, He took permissions from God to and located that same Peter and the rest of the apostles who forsook him and fled at his arrest. He prayed with them and ate with them. Thomas doubted him yet He patiently showed Him the proofs that He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings.
We are disobedient to him, still He is rebuking the devourer for our sake. Arrors, deadly ones are flying by night while we slept, yet He stayed awake, defending us not giving us into the hands of our enemies. Everything He is doing on our behalf is good. But how do we pay Him back? We pay Him back by doing all that He commanded us not to do.
The Lord is waiting for you and I to amend our evil ways and turn to Him in genuine repentance today. He is willing to pardon us. He is not interested in the death of a sinner but He is expecting that we will retrace our steps back to Him.
As you decide with your whole heart to embrace Jesus Christ today, all that the spiritual cankerworms have eaten up in your life will be returned to you in Jesus name.
Those cockroaches in your Bible, look for good insecticide and spray them dead. That your old turn Bible, buy another one. Flee fornication, adultery. Stop masturbation and gambling. Drunkenness is sin, stop it. Tell the Lord to help you to carry your cross daily and follow Him. His Grace is sufficient for you in Jesus name.
As you begin to pray now, you are like that musician, when he began to sing, those mouse ran away from their hiding places. Sickness will run away from their hiding place as you begin to perform daily christianity carrying your cross and following the Lord in Jesus name.
May God bless you in Jesus name.