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I'm having alot of problens with one of my cats and I'm hoping someone in our community can help me find a solution because my fiance and I are at a complete loss.

Our 6 year old male short haired domestic cat regurgitates at least once a day and its almost always whole or partially digested food. It's not vomit as he actually forces the food up. Everyday were cleaning up messes and we've yet too find a solution to this habit.

We've seen 3 different vets and have incurred t ... housands of dollars in vet bills. All of the exams, blood work, xrays and ultrasounds show no reason for regurgitation. We've tried numerous brands of cat food, both wet and dry, and regardless of the content (gluten free, grain free, etc) it still happens. We thought he had a massive hair ball but again, all the hairball remedies have failed. dusty pink pastel dresses for bridesmaid

He's not an over eater, doesn't eat fast and we've elevated his food but nothing has worked. He's not lethargic and is full of energy. We feel we've tried everything and all three vets said exploratory surgery is the only medical option we have left.

We really can't afford another vet bill but other than re-homing him, we might not have an option. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their cat? Does anyone have any suggestions? Or a recomendation to an awesome vet that can help me?

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