Wedding Dresses 2020 Online

Capsule 1! Joy Ballard! SOLD 1, 2, 4, 7!

This EPIC mix and match capsule started around one of my favorite Carlys and once I added the Cassie, outfit TWO came to life and I couldn't be more excited! Let's do it!

1. This S Sarah is beyond soft and stretchy. It is the perfect shade of blue with notes of steel and will become your closet staple, like your favorite pair of blue jeans! It looks fantastic layered over 3. And also with 5. and 6.! It also matches 7. literally coordin ... ating with every look here except the other Sarah of course :P

2. This S Lynnae is 'favorite tee' grey! It looks so cute layered under 3. for colder days and also looks amazing with 7. and 4. for another look! Wear heather grey with jeans, golds, blues, reds, and almost any jewel tone for a nice, soft contrast!

3. This S Carly is super comfortable! Red is one of Falls hottest trends and this feather print with shades of greys and blues adds a perfect contrast! Layer with 1. or even 2. to make your dress long sleeve! Rock a center knot at the hem and turn your Carly into a tunic that pairs perfectly with 6.! The Carly / Cassie look is so chic!

4. This golden S Sarah is also super soft and stretchy. Perfect for almost any look, it goes great with 5. and 6. as an outfit or can be worn with 5. and 7. as another outfit! OR WAIT! Pair with 2. and 7. for a THIRD outfit!!! Also looks amazing with jeans, camel, brown, and so many blue, wine, or sunset hues, most florals, the possibilies are endless! Wedding Dresses 2020 Online

5. This M Gigi has so many awesome coordinating hues it matches a ton! I love it with 6. as a chic meets casual outfit! Wear alone or layer 4. for cooler weather or a layering effect. Toss on 1. even to pull in more monochromatic tones from the skirt and top! It also looks great for subtle print mixing with 7. and then 1. OR 4.!

6. This S Cassie is nice because the colorblock is figure flattering and slimming! It looks rockin' underneath 3. with a center knot and also can be worn with 1. It also looke great paired with 5. and can be also layered with 4.!

7. These OS leggings offer a steel blue base making them the perfect pair for most of the seprates here! Wear with 1.+ 2. or with 4. and 5.! Also wear alone as is with 2. for lounging around, love!

Thank you so much for letting me style you Joy, these Fall colors are perfect and I love all the mix and match options you have! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions :) . These items are yours exclusively for one hour but feel free to let me know if you need any additional time - simply comment sold and the items! xoxo

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