JuneBridals wedding selections under 1000

Frankly I really don't care if anyone agrees with me or not on what I am about to say. This is what I have noticed during the RASH of 'sexual assaults' in the recent news.
There have been some of the men who have admitted to what they have done, though most have even then tried to minimize their personal guilt. There have been some who likely will never admit their actions, but others have been gracious in supporting the reports as witnesses to the improper behavior(s). Then there have been some men who have been accused...and NO ONE is supporting the alleged victim's reports. All of this has led to a mass hysteria type reaction by many made so much worse by the rampant social media hype.
Honestly? I am not sure what to believe in most of the reports. The ones who reported quickly, or who had others who backed up the reports I tend to believe. Obviously the ones that the predator(s) admit to I believe. Though....some...not so much.
To ME....this smacks of some other behaviors we have seen over the years such as the absolute RASH of day cares shut down solely on the word(s) of toddlers allegedly abused.....DNA often later proving no wrong doing ever took place; blacks/Mexicans/Arabs/etc being profiled by police and/or employers based SOLELY on their skin color/religions; women being passed over for promotions based solely on gender....and the list goes on and on. No these examples are NOT all the 'same' but I never claimed they were. I said the BEHAVIOR of how the public reacts is the same. JuneBridals wedding selections under 1000
I really wish there was a way to KNOW if these reporters are all telling the truth....or if they are 'getting back at' the alleged abusers for whatever reason. All I really know for sure is......
Think about it for a moment. If we continue to post hate, and hate related subjects then we are HELPING to destroy humanity!!!
Now look at this for a moment.....a child age 12 trips in a school hallway, desperately trying not to fall he reaches out, and his hand brushes against a female student's breast. Now I ask you....
Based on the way the news is currently reporting the answer is.....YES!!!!!!
Now what if that young man was/is YOUR son??????
Shocking part is....this HAS happened!!!!!!!! Even to children as young as age 5!!! Yes you read that right FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!!! Think about this stuff folks. That is all I ask....use your head!!!