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My goldiepoo Sandi was having a lot of mucus along with a bloody nose, sounded like she had a hard time breathing. The nest morning she woke up with a swollen bloody eye. We took her to the vet. As soon as he saw her he said she had a tumor behind her eye. She also has lumps as doge get as they get older ( she's 16 ) but another vet told us they weren't cancerous. Well this vet told us she has cancer all over and the tumor over her eye was cancerous. He said she's in a lot of ... pain. Well he gave her antibiotics and steroids, her eye is getting better but still bleeding a little, she's eating some food and does sleep a lot. He suggested we put her down because she's in pain. We could have brought her to the animal hospital and they would have done all kinds of testing. About 6 thousand dollars. Now it's not really the money, she is long past her lasting age.. We are very confused. If her lumps are cancer it's to far gone, if not she's been living with them..What would you do? Of coarse we love love this dog dearly... If she's in so much pain I want her to be at peace but what if it's not really cancer...She's definitely slowing down and is deaf now. She has all her wits about her, not senile at all. Any suggestions? JuneBridals latest chic prom wears with lace

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