JuneBridals encore style items of the wedding to wear

{There Goes My Life} You must listen to the song to know the story.

TW: Possible language and sexual scenes
As such, you must be 18 and older to participate.



It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It shouldn't have happened at all. They had taken every precaution and yet here she was, about to graduate high school, pregnant. Her life wasn't supposed to go this way. She had dreams. Dreams of going to college, of being a professional cheerleader... All of that went up in smoke as she stared down to the stick in her hand. That stupid little plus sign.

With a curse, she tossed the test into the trash before falling to her knees. She buried her face in her hands and began to cry. Cry for disappointing her parents. Cry for her future that was no longer in her grasp. Cry for the baby in her stomach. Cry for the fact that she would likely be a single mother once she told Y/c. He had too much going on, and he had the potential to make it to the big leagues, be a professional football player... JuneBridals encore style items of the wedding to wear


Her feet dragged under her, each step slow and unsure. She stopped, just short of the entrance to the field, her arms crossed over her stomach. Her eyes were downcast, still wet with tears. Abigail would wait until practice was over and patiently stood there until Y/c finally approached her.


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{Human} Male character to play the boyfriend/eventual husband.

Theme: {A song describing your character}
Deadly Sin:
Heavenly Virtue:

Name: Abigail
Age: 18
Occupation: None
Relationship: Dating Y/c
Personality: Kind-hearted but short-tempered at times
Theme: There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney
Deadly Sin: Envy
Heavenly Virtue: Courage

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