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Since I know that one and it took me a loooong time to find out cause and effect and mindset is a huge influence- I can't miss to share this post!
"LOWER BACK MUSCLES are easily strained and lead to lower back pain, one of the commonest sites for muscle strains. 90% of adults have had an episode of back pain. About 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy. The most common cause is a strain of the muscles or ligaments due to an imbalance of stress on ... the small muscles in the lower back and it is common in overweight and obese individuals with poor stomach muscle tone. When the spine is compressed, a sharp pain called sciatica can run down the buttocks and thigh on one side. Stretching the lower back and doing exercises that maintain good posture will help prevent lower back pain. A pillow placed behind the lower back when sitting or driving can help prevent strain by moving the pelvis forward. Sitting in an office chair designed to support the lower back is helpful. When picking up heavy objects it is important to use the large leg muscles by squatting down rather than bending at the hip and relying on the lower back muscles. Weightlifters and those who lift packages for a living wear back braces that have stiff supports to prevent lower back muscle strain. If you are doing heavy lifting keep the back straight and use your leg muscles and Glutes to lift rather than curling your back and relying on the small muscles in your lower back. Some causes of back pain such as pressure from a fracture or the rupture of a spinal disk require medical attention. If the pain is not resolved in 7 to 10 days see a physician who may recommend a physical therapist or chiropractor. Exercises to help prevent back pain are the hip raise for increasing GLUTE strength and exercises for the core including the abdominal muscles. Weight loss and weight management through Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle should be recommended to any overweight, obese, sedentary person once their back pain is resolved. You have to take care of the lower back muscles because they are too small to take care of themselves!!! JuneBridals casual and informal wedding wears look flapper

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