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I really get the point of where the issue started! But does the issue has to be profound?

Alam ko po kung gaano kasakit na yung pangako ay hindi matupad, however is that really the issue? I'm sorry but I don't think so!
Can we just leave for what is done ! everything has it's reason why things happened out of our control!
And if we're just seeking for our "freedom of expression" then be it! On the contrary while fighting for what you think is right make sure that the ou ... tcome will still beneficial to many or even to yourself!
Have you ever wonder why these people chose to stay despite of the cristisms!
It's because these people are the real LEADER! No matter how pointless they are they still give value for those students who voted for them rather than those who wants them to leave. JuneBridals budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style

I was once part of the issue and many were asking for me to speak but likewise "It's not my story to tell"
I have the courage to believe that once LEADER will always be a LEADER!

I'm happy to witnessed how the USSG officers stands for what they think is more responsible than being right for the eyes of many :)

Let us be happy that there are people who wants to serve for us and let us support them as well :)

Congratulations USSG OFFICERS !
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