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******Harassment at Skyway Grocery Outlet By new Security Guard******

As much as I don't want to complain about this location, I feel that It's important to do so and share what's been happening to my siblings and I for the past month. My family and I have been shopping at this store nearly everyday since it has opened up. Most of the time we make multiple trips throughout the day because it's convenient for my family and super close. We even have people that are employees at this location who we consider family and are pretty chill and laid back. Everyone pretty much there are nice and will help you with whatever it is.This complaint has nothing to do with them but for the newest security guard (African American man in his mid/lat 50's to early 60's ) who has been harassing my siblings and I. The first incident occurred when My younger sisters came to me while shopping at this store and mentioned that the security was following them around and accusing them of trying to steal. To inform you, they were not dressed to steal (They had on form fitting clothes including skirts that were appropriate for church) which would expose any item hidden underneath their clothing if they were trying to "Steal". The second incident happened when he followed them around for the 3rd time total. This time I was not present with them but my grandma was instead. She caught him in the act and begin to talk to him about his accusations. He apologized and left them alone. The third incident happened as I walked out of the store with my Groceries after purchasing and he began to talk to people and point at me while saying "You see her with the grocery bags in her hand." I could have easily confronted him but I did not. As I continue to shop at this store I kept getting smart comments from him and being talked about by him to other customers and employees. The 4th incident happened yesterday August 8, 2017 around 4:00 pm. I entered the store with my three younger sisters and as I was grabbing a shopping cart, He had came up to me very disrespectfully. I told him "Sir, I have nothing to say to you. You have no right to approach me like so." He got mad and told me to leave the store. The manager/Supervisor was a blessing because she knew exactly who we are and told me not to worry about him and that I should continue to shop. So as I am shopping he follows me and tell me I have 5 minutes to escort myself out or he was calling the police. Did I leave ? Nope. I had every right to be in that store. I didn't do anything and I knew my rights. As we continued to shop, He started to take my picture with his personal phone. That's when I had enough! So I called the police too. we went to get checked out he stopped my basket and starting telling the cashier not to check me out. Which was very humiliating. But she continued to check me out because the manager said it was okay. My grandparents ended up coming to the store and began to talk to the man. He wasn't cooperative with my grandma but switched up his act with my grandpa. The police ended up coming and I was able to tell them what's been going on but they weren't that helpful. No one should ever have to deal with what we have been going through at this store especially at a place where we spend our money at. We have been beyond humiliated by this man. This harassment has to stop and I don't think he is done. I'm not done until He's fired! 1920s bridesmaid dresses